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Most people need good nutrition, a safer, hygienic,
technology-friendly, and convenient living or working environment, but they don’t have the time and resources to fulfill those needs. Shanti Africa Group has solutions fitted just for you to give you peace of mind while taking care of your needs.

Providing simple, practical solutions that work is what drives us

Empowering & enriching people's lives since 2012

The Shanti Africa Group (SAG), founded in 2012, is the brainchild of its founding duo who, in defining the new company’s strategic direction decided, “empowering progress by providing for human and business needs” would give the company the focus, drive and relevance to propel it forward.

Inspired by the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs the Group launched Shanti Africa Security (SAS) in 2012 to provide for the need for security. This, plus developments in the micro and macro-economic environment resulted in the progressive scaling of operations to include Shanti Africa Foods (SAF), Shanti Africa Technology (SAT), Shanti Africa Construction (SAC) and Shanti Africa Facilities Management (SAFM).

To ensure continued relevance, growth, and sustainability well into posterity SAG has refined its strategy to speak to a 300-year plan. Aptly called SAG VISION 300, this strategy simply means that, for us to achieve our growth and profitability objectives, we must concentrate our focus and resources in developing expertise and innovation in niche markets where it will matter the most.

To this end, and because of the synergies between its current operations, SAG recently launched its strategic growth path (SGP) which spells out its strategic focus areas as:

INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT: the planning, design, delivery and control of basic structures, equipment, services, and technology that serve as a foundation for economic activity.

FACILITIES MANAGEMENT: tools and services that support the functionality, safety and sustainability of buildings, grounds infrastructure, real estate, and movable assets.

The pursuit of our Vision 300, underpinned by the SGP, will see the refinement of current operations, and the launch of new subsidiaries, to ensure a more terse value proposition to you, our valued customer, and indeed strengthening of our position as a trusted partner to your business.


To be a universally trusted brand that empowers human and business progress through simple, practical and highly impactful products and services.

Our Values

These are the values that underpin our approach and conduct in business


We are responsible, transparent and trustworthy.


We embrace continual improvement, unlearning and relearning, adapting.


We are considerate, upstanding and dutiful.

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